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Carter's LA Pecan Pralines
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2401 Windy Hill Rd
Marietta, Georgia (GA), 30067, US
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Carter's LA Pecan Pralines
I remember when we were kids our mother would give us 5 cents for lunch money everyday. We often carried our lunch or ate free in the cafeteria. The 5 cents was given to us to purchase milk ( 3 cents) and 2 cents was for us to do anything we wanted to with it.

During those times every childhood treat sold in the neighborhood stores were 2 for a penny. You had 2 for a penny cookies, 2 for a penny candy and getting 2 peppermint pillows for a penny was a steal! But we craved Mr. Joe's Pecan Pralines and they were 5 cents. So what we would do on the way to school is pass by Mr. Joe's Neighborhood Store which did not open until 8:30am but Mr. Joe's house was right across the street from his store. His porch had a swing on it and we would sit on his porch swinging and singing..."Oh Mr. Joe O, Come and Open up Yo Store O." Mr. Joe would get up out of his bed, barely putting his arm in his sweater as he raced to his store so we could purchase the Pralines and get on to school. Sometimes he would have them at his house and sell it to us there. What memories of this delicious treat and taste of such an old New Orleans Delicacy.

I loved the taste of Pecan Pralines so much that I sought out to learn how to make this treat from Mama. We never used measuring spoons, cups or themometers; we just knew when the time was right to stop cooking to get that authentic praline taste.

I decided to take Mama's special way of preparing these Pralines for you!


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