Dont Search. Target!
About Us is a leading local search site listing millions of businesses spanning 6 continents and 240 countries. is here to provide you with a state of the art local-search experience. We don't give you plain results - we hate that. We make sure we give you the most targeted search results for local businesses, -products & services and all the other information you need to get there! With millions of listings, our data includes the most targeted results, authentic addresses and phone numbers, the convenience of maps and lots more. We know where you're from, we know where you want to go, so - Don't Search. target! And wait, search results are delivered in the slick web 2.0 style.

If you're a business owner, you can create your own profile page which gives you the freedom to reach out to your customers. You can even target ready-to-purchase consumers through our platform. So quickly sign up for your free business profile page which will attract local customers and make you more visible. You'll have your own one-page web site that appears in the results when someone searches your geographic location using your products or services as keywords. Your profile will give users a description of your business, a list of products you sell, your address, telephone numbers, your hours of operation and links to your web site and special offers if you have any. Customers can easily find their way to your store or buy from you online.

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